Mission Statement

    Millburn CCSD #24 Exists to create a culture of learning that

    inspires and empowers students to enrich our community.


    Millburn C. C. School District 24


    Special Meeting

    June 6, 2018

    6:00 P.M.

    Millburn Middle School • 640 Freedom Way • Lindenhurst • IL


    1. Call to Order
    2. Roll Call
    3. Pledge of Allegiance
    4. Motion to Enter Closed Session for the purpose of Self-evaluation, practices and procedures or professional ethics, when meeting with a representative of a statewide association of which the public body is a member.    5ILCS 120/2(c)(12
    5. Motion to Exit Closed Session and Return to Open Session
    6. Public Comments - Board Members will take presentations under advisement. No action will be taken at this time. See handout for speaker guidelines.
    7. Adjournment