Varsity Tutors
  • Millburn School District is excited to partner with Varsity Tutors, an online tutoring platform for students to utilize for a variety of needs. Please click on links to the left to access information on the tutoring program. Students can access this tutoring through the Clever App on their iPads. Below is an overview:


    High Quality 1:1 Tutoring

    Considering everything you tell us, your student’s assessment results, and over 100 additional attributes, we use a series of uber-smart algorithms to pinpoint the perfect tutor for your student’s needs. Connecting your student with the right tutor starts with having nothing but top-notch tutors to choose from. We ensure this by vetting every applicant through tutoring simulations, background checks, and interviews. In fact, fewer than 15% of applicants are approved.


    Unlimited Access to rich learning resources

    Our family-wide resources provide unlimited live classes, Instant Tutoring for immediate 1-on-1 assistance, Tutor Chat for prompt homework help, and Self-Study & Assessments with standards-based tools, practice problems, instructional videos, and adaptive diagnostics, ensuring comprehensive support and success for all family members.


    Engaging Online Platform

    With the adaptability and ease of online education, learners can interact with educational resources from any desired location. This method ensures uninterrupted knowledge acquisition, empowering students to progress and evolve at a pace that suits them, all while enjoying their preferred surroundings.

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