Classroom News

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    Our Classroom Rules
    Rule #1: Follow directions quickly.
    Rule #2: Raise your hand for permission to speak.
    Rule#3: Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat. (woo)
    Rule #4: Make smart choices.
    Rule #5: Keep your dear teacher happy (by following the above rules, and being respectful)
    **Ask your child to recite these for you at home**
    Our class is a Whole Brain Teaching class. This means you will find us engaged in learning through talking to each other, using gestures to help us remember things, responding together in unison and moving around to act out our thinking.  The rules above are part of Whole Brain Teaching.  
    Birthday Celebrations: Please notice there is a change to birthday celebrations this year.  Children can bring non-food items in to share with the class on their birthday.  Some suggestions are: pencils, erasers, or small toys (the type you would include in a good bag).  It is not mandatory to send something in.  Please know that I will make your child's birthday special within the classroom, but time is limited, as our main focus is learning academics.  Also, in our class, if your child's birthday falls in the summer, I will honor half- birthday celebrations. Please keep me informed of your plans in advance.  Thank you!
    For the 2017-2018 school year, there are 19 students in our class.  (12 Girls, 7 Boys)
    GIRLS: Jamila, Vyomini, Yashvi, Nicole, Sanvi, Alexis, Kaylie, Isla, Sarah, Leona, Sophia, Angelina
    BOYS: Anthony, Jake, Preston, CJ, Mason, Jackson, Herman