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  • Welcome to my website!  I hope you're looking forward to all the various projects you'll be working on during the quarters and semesters that we are together. Will it be a lot of work?  You bet!  But hopefully we'll have some fun along the way and you'll learn something to boot!  And yes, I am a Packer fan!

                                      Go, Pack, Go!!!

    Don't forget your Exit Slip! 
    Click on the @ symbol to sign into Socrative!
    Access Code can be found in Eighth Grade Forms.

    What Students are Working on during the
    Week of May 29, 2017

    Sixth Grade:  Podcasting about Podcasting. Check for your rubric under 6th Grade Forms.
    Seventh Grade:

    Eighth Grade: Happy Springfield! 

    Enrichment Classes:

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