General Information

  • The Board of Education is responsible for the establishment of all school district policies and for the provision of a quality education for all children in the Millburn School District. Board of Education meetings are conducted at 7:00 P.M. on the fourth Monday of each month. Any additional and special meetings of the Board of Education will be advertised and posted as required by law.

    Millburn's current Board of Education:

    • Carissa Casbon LaTourette - President (Term Expires 2019)
    • Casandra Slade - Vice President (Term Expires 2019)
    • Jim Guziak - Secretary (Term Expires 2021)
    • Denise Ide - Member (Term Expires 2021)
    • Irshad Khan - Member (Term Expires 2019)
    • Brendan Murphy - Member (Term Expires 2021)
    • Maggie Wentzell - Member (Term Expires 2019)

    Every two years the voting citizens of the school elect half of the Board Members to the Board of Education. A full term in office is currently four years. The only exception to the length of term is when resignations occur on the Board. To become a candidate for Board membership, interested citizens should contact an incumbent Board of Education Member or the Superintendent for details.

    Membership on the Board of Education is a rewarding experience. Political scientists refer to the Board of Education as "The last bastion of pure democracy in action." With other governments becoming larger, and representing increasing larger numbers of people, the Board of Education remains a group of citizens who represent their neighbors in the governing of the education of their children.

    Use the "Contact Us" link on the home page to forward your comments to the Board of Education and the Superintendent.

    Guidelines for public participation at a Board of Education meeting can be found by clicking this link:  Guidelines for Public Participation

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