Millburn students and their families are invited to the 2019 Live Arts Festival. This year's festival is being held at Warren High School (Almond Campus) on Friday, May 3rd 6:00-9:00. There will be hands on activities, entertainment as well as some amazing artwork for all to enjoy. For more information click on the link below.

    Live Arts Festival Details

    Live Arts Festival Invitation


    I am proud to announce that the following Millburn Students will have their incredible artwork on display at the show.

    Grace Gomez
    Ellie Bibian
    Harper Kraft
    Ada Alden
    Aradhana Arunachalam
    Tyler Strahan
    Teagan Cavanaugh
    Nicoletta Katris
    Adam Alexander
    Reece Cross
    Alyssa Brandt
    Isla Kraft
    Allison Beau
    Lillian LaTourette
    Alexanne Cowell
    Marcel Kaczoruk
    Gwynaeth Hehr
    Nathaniel Moderson
    Arianna Ratilla
    Hailey Schiebel
    Juanita Munoz
    Emma Zurawski
    Lily Smekens
    Chloe Roberts
    Isabella Pop
    Emma Pintiliuc
    Heidi Mueller
    Norah Howell
    Joseph Daniel Diola
    Jaivant Praveen
    Juanita Munoz



    Art to Remember

    Art to Remember Fundraiser

    Millburn elementary is once again participating in the Art to Remember fundraiser. Art to Remember allows you to purchase keepsake products customized with your child’s art. Students have worked hard to create some amazing artwork for the fundraiser this year. The funds raised from this fundraiser will be used to support the art program at Millburn. Students will be bringing home order forms this weekend. For your convenience, orders can be placed online at arttoremember.com or submitted to our school. All orders are due by Friday March 22rd.

    Art to Remember

    Order Online


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  • What's Going on in the Art Room?

    5th Grade

    Coil Pottery


    Students will be learning how to use clay to create a ceramic coiled vessel. During the unit we will focus on the different stages and properties of clay throughout the production process.


    4th Grade

    3D Names

    3D Names

    Students will be learning how to draw on a 2D plane to create the illusion of form. Students will also be learning about using contrasting textures in an artwork.


    3rd Grade

    Blue Dog Paintings

    Blue Dog

    Students will be learning about the life and the artwork of George Rodrigue. Students will then get the opportunity to create their own Blue Dog inspired painting. Throughout the unit we will focus on drawing in proportion and using complementary colors in the production of artwork.


    2nd Grade

    Paper Quillings


    Students will be learning how artists use rhythm with lines and colors to create artwork. We will apply the use of rhythm by creating a composition with paper quillings.


    1st Grade

    Mixed Up Chameleon

    Mixed Up

    Students will create a mixed up chameleon collage that is inspired by Eric Carle’s, The Mixed Up Chameleon.



    Color Wheel

    Color Wheel


    Students will be learning about the Color Wheel. Throughout the unit students will make a color wheel and create a painting using primary and secondary colors

    5th Grade

    Abstract Expressionism

    Abstract Expressionism

    Students will be learning about abstract expressionism. They will be applying the principles of rhythm, movement and emphasis in their own expressive mixed media work of art.


    4th Grade

    Google Typography


    Students will be learning about typography. Throughout the unit students will use the design development process to create their own original Google home page.


    3rd Grade

    Symbols (Cherry Blossom Tree)

    Cherry Blossom Tree

    Students will be learning about how symbols are used in artwork to add meaning. Throughout the unit students will use a variety of painting techniques to paint a cherry blossom tree. In some Asian cultures the cherry blossom tree is a symbol for friendship.


    2nd Grade

    Abstract Self Portraits


    Students will be learning about abstract art. We will be focusing on the artist, Pablo Picasso. Students will use mixed media to create their own abstract self-portrait.


    1st Grade

    Primary & Secondary Collage


    Students will be learning about primary and secondary colors. We will focus on paint mixing and technique. Students will use their painted papers to create a seascape collage.



    Cityscapes with Shapes


    Students will be learning how artist combine shapes to create pictures. We will be using our craftsmanship skills to arrange and create a cityscape with shapes.




    5th Grade

    Amate Bark Painting


    Students will be learning about the Mexican folk art tradition of amate bark painting. Throughout the unit, students will be creating their own amate bark painting that will be influenced by the artwork of the Nahua Indians. They will also be learning how to use the principles of rhythm and unity to develop their composition for their artwork.


    4th Grade

    Adire Eleko


    Students will be learning about the traditional Nigerian folk art of adire eleko. Throughout the unit focus will be placed on the cultural significance, production techniques and design characteristics of adire eleko.


    3rd Grade

    The Art of India

    Asian Elephant

    3rd grade students will be learning about the artwork of India. Throughout the unit we will learn about the symbolic role that Asian elephants play in Indian artwork. Students will create their own artwork that is inspired by the Elephant Festival of Jaipur.


    2nd Grade

    Abstract Art


    Students will be learning about the characteristics of abstract art. We will focus on the artwork created by abstract surrealist, Joan Miro. Students will get the opportunity to design their own abstract painting that will be inspired by Joan Miro.  


    1st grade

    Wax Resist Giraffe


    Students will be learning about the difference between geometric and organic shapes. They will create a wax resist painting of a giraffe inspired by the book, The Giraffe Who Was Afraid of Heights. They will combine different organic shapes to make the giraffe for their painting.



    Fall Trees

    Fall Tree

    Students will be creating a fall tree with paint and fall colored paper. We will be learning how to paint lines with a brush. We will also focus on using scissors and glue to make the leaves for the tree.


    5th Grade

    Students will creating mixed media spacescapes in art class. They will learn how artist can combine different mediums and techniques to create different effects in artwork. 5th graders will be using be using these techniques to create imaginary spacescapes.



    4th Grade

    Students will be creating relief sculptures using radial symmetry.



    3rd Grade

    Students will be learning about the art form called gyotaku. Gyotaku means fish prints. Students will learn how to create gyotaku using the element of texture combined with the direct method of printmaking. Students will also learn about ways to make artwork presentation ready.



    2nd Grade

    Second grade students will be introduced to fiber arts through a series of lessons involving weaving. They will also be learning to consider different color families when making choices about color.


    Primary Secondary

    1st Grade

    Students will be learning about the relationship between primary and secondary colors. They will get the opportunity to mix their own secondary colors using paint. 1st grade students will also be developing their craftsmanship skills through the creation of a collage.




    Students will be learning about how artist use details when making a picture. Students will get exposed to many different art supplies and learn how to safely use them in an art room.


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