Visitor Sign-In Procedures

  • The overall safety of our schools is impacted anytime guests enter our building. While parents are a vital part of our school community, this added layer of engaging visitors prior to allowing them access to the building will help us to more effectively screen guests in our schools. Some buildings may also have designated drop off areas where parents may leave items forgotten at home (lunches, folders, etc.). Staff members will be able to see and talk with guests about the nature of their visit as they request entry into the building.

    Parents should note that extra time should be allotted to comply with our entry procedures when coming to the school for meetings, early dismissals etc. As always, anyone entering the buildings for more than a drop-off or dismissal will also be asked to provide photo identification that will be entered into our Raptor Visitor Management system. This system allows the District to verify all guests against the national database before giving them access to the main building.

    As a reminder:

    • ALL visitors will report directly to the main office upon entry into the building.
    • Visitors will log-in via the Raptor system by scanning their state-issued identification. 
    • The building secretary/attendance office will verify the information and print a Visitor's badge that must be worn visibly during the time of the visit.
    • Upon leaving the building, the visitor will return the visitor's tag to the office and log out.
    • Visitors who are dropping off items in the main office and not entering the main building will not be required to provide the photo ID.

    We thank you for your continued partnership as we work to provide a safe and secure learning environment for all students and staff.