***Early entrance applications will be considered, but testing may not occur until after school starts, or until we are able to resume in-person assessments.

Early Entrance Into Kindergarten

  • Millburn School District CCSD 24 has established guidelines and procedures for parents
    requesting early admission to kindergarten when a child’s birthday falls between the State of
    Illinois requirement of September 1st and December 31st of a given school year and s/he has
    completed a private kindergarten program. The district recognizes that children develop at
    different rates socially, emotionally, physically, and academically, so kindergarten readiness can


    Parents Making the Decision for Early Entrance- Click HERE


    Initial Criteria for Early Admission to Kindergarten:

    1. The child must live within Millburn School District boundaries and turn five years old
    after September 1st and by December 31st of the ensuing school year.

    2. Parents must submit the following paperwork by April 15th to the district office prior to
    the school year to initiate the process.

    3. New residents who move in after the April 15th deadline, should contact the district
    offices as soon as possible to make arrangements for early admission screening.

    4. Candidates and their parent(s) will be required to attend a screening with the
    kindergarten staff before the school year ends. The date will be arranged with all parties.