• Millburn C. C. School District 24


    Regular Meeting

    February 27, 2017

    7:00 P.M.

                      Millburn Elementary School • 18550 Millburn Road • Wadsworth, IL


    Mission Statement

    Millburn CCSD #24 Exists to create a culture of learning that inspires and empowers students to enrich our community.




    I. Call to Order

    II. Roll Call

    III. Pledge of Allegiance

    IV. Public Comments - Board Members will take presentations under advisement. No action will be taken at this time. See handout for speaker guidelines.

    V. Addition of Non-Action Items

    VI. Information/Discussion       

    A.Presentation by Tech Committee

    B.Preliminary Staffing Discussion

    VII. Action Items

    A.Accept Resignation from Board Member and Vice President Nichol Mangino

    B.Approve Fees for Facilities Use, Student Activities, Student Clubs, and Transportation for 2017-18 SY

    C.Approve IQWST Science Curriculum Pilot for Middle School

    D.Approve Proposal from Milburn Cain for FY17 Audit not to exceed $13,500

    E.Consent Agenda

    1.Approval of Minutes

    a.Public Hearing for Holiday Waiver of January 23, 2017

    b.Regular Meeting and Closed Session of January 23, 2017

    c.Committee of the Whole Meeting and Closed Session of February 13, 2017

    2.Treasurer’s Report and Approval

    3.Bill Approval and Payment Authorization

    4.Activity Account

    5.Personnel Report


    i.Samantha Kerton – MBAC Counselor

    ii.Cynthia Gallagher – 1.0 FTE LD Teacher (not returning from LOA)

    iii.David Bogenschutz - .4 FTE Adapted PE Teacher effective 6/2017

    iv.Lisa Kerton – 1.0 FTE Paraprofessional


    i.Timothy Douglas – Temporary Custodial Position

    ii.Carly Kraft – 1.0 FTE Bookkeeper

    iii.Barbra Kessler – 1.0 FTE Paraprofessional

    iv.Teagan Tennerman – MBAC Counselor

    v.Felix Cizewski, Jr. – Substitute Teacher

    vi.Dianne Bowman – Substitute Teacher

    vii.Lisa Nehila  - .4 FTE Adapted PE Teacher for 2017-18 SY

    c. Leave of Absence

    i.Meredith Frediani – 1.0 FTE Teacher – 2nd Year LOA

    VIII. Future Agenda Items

    A.Draft 2017 Summer Projects (March COW)

    B.RtI Presentation

    IX. Board Report 

    X. Superintendent Report 

    XI. Business Office Report 

    XII. Motion to Adjourn to Closed Session

    XIII. Motion to Return to Open Session 

    XIV. Action Items

    A.Appoint New Board Member

    B.Administer Oath of Office

    C.Fill Office of Vice President

    XV. Adjournment

    Next meeting:  Monday, March 13, 2017 – 7:00 p.m. at Millburn Middle School