Compiled by the IASB Governmental Relations Department

PA 87-0626 Requires schools to use recycled paper (if economically feasible).

PA 87-0652 Requires schools to install sprinkler systems in new buildings or when remodeling.

PA 87-1265 5 + 5 Early Retirement – requires employer to pay 20% of the employee’s highest annual salary per year purchased (over $50 million over the two year


PA 88-0612 Requires fingerprint check for school bus drivers.

PA 89-0610 Requires remediation plan for certain students failing in school;

Requires new “Prairie State Achievement Exam”.

PA 90-0108 Requires crossing control arms on school buses.

PA 90-0146 Requires the use of soybean ink in school publications (if economically


PA 90-0425 Requires employers to report newly hired employees to the Department of Employment Security.

PA 90-0548 Requires schools to have a policy on “social promotion”; Requires schools to have a policy on “no pass, no play”;

PA 90-0582 TRS 2.2 flat rate pension formula – requires school districts to pay a .58%

contribution of TRS payroll (over $30 million statewide in the first year).

PA 90-0620 Requires teachers to teach pupils “discipline and respect” for others.

PA 90-0688 Requires public agencies to develop and implement an investment policy.

PA 91-0099 Requires schools to have a registry of parents of children who want to receive

notification before pesticides are applied on school grounds.

PA 91-0525 Requires schools to adopt an integrated pest management plan (if economically feasible).

PA 91-0102 Requires each school district to establish a Local Professional Development Committee to review teacher re-certification plans.

PA 91-0518 Requires school districts to implement an enhanced 911 telephone system. (average cost estimated at $65,000 per district)

PA 91-0785 Requires all school bus emergency exits to be outlined with reflective tape by August 1, 2000.

PA 92-0497 Requires that the course of instruction given in grades 10-12 concerning the Illinois Vehicle Code must include instruction on special hazards existing at, and required extra safety and driving precautions that must be observed at, highway construction/maintenance zones and in emergency situations.

PA 92-0260 Requires a school board, in consultation with its parent-teacher advisory committee and other community-based organizations, to include provisions in the student discipline policy to address students who have demonstrated behaviors that put them at risk for aggressive behavior, including bullying. Also requires the provisions to include procedures for notifying parents or legal guardians and early intervention procedures based upon available community-based and district resources.

PA 92-0027 Adds Hispanics to the list of specific ethnic groups who are required to be studied in the teaching of the history of the United States.

PA 92-0438 Requires a school district to post its current budget, itemized by receipts and expenditures, on the district’s Internet web site if the district has a web site, and requires the district to notify its students’ parents that the budget has been posted.

PA 92-0505 Requires school districts to contribute to the Teachers’ Retirement System .5% of the teacher payroll to cover the cost of the Teachers Retirement Insurance Program (TRIP). (First year cost approximately $40 million).

PA 92-0604 Requires school districts to transfer a student from one attendance center to another within the district upon the request of the student’s parent or guardian if the student is in a school that does not meet adequate yearly progress.

PA 92-0631 Requires school districts to add to the school district report card the amount of money that the district receives from all sources.

PA 92-0663 Requires school boards to adopt and implement a policy that prohibits any disciplinary action that is based on the refusal of a student’s parent to administer psychotropic medication. The policy must require in-service training for teachers every two years.

PA 92-0763 Requires public schools to incorporate activities to address intergroup conflict and for all school boards to adopt a policy for this instruction and to make information available to the public that describes the manner in which the board has implemented the anti-bias education provisions.

PA 93-0088 Requires sex education materials and instruction to advise pupils of the provisions of the Abandoned Newborn Infant Protection Act.

PA 93-0355 Requires school districts to develop, establish, and implement a new teacher induction and mentoring program.

PA 93-0406 Requires public schools to include a unit of instruction in the U.S. History class that studies the role and contributions of Asian Americans.

PA 93-0426 Requires school districts to do additional standardized testing in math and science.

PA 93-0470 Requires schools that do not make adequate yearly progress to file a school improvement plan, a district restructuring plan, provide supplemental services for students, and allow for the transfer of students from one school to another.

PA 93-0523 Requires school boards to make a verbatim audio or video recording of all closed meetings.

PA 93-0591 Requires employers (including school districts) to provide an employee who is a victim of domestic or sexual violence an unpaid leave from work.

PA 93-0581 Raises the minimum wage for workers (including those in school districts) to $6.50 per hour.

PA 93-0803 Requires school districts to identify, track, and report on the educational progress and outcomes of dropouts who have re-enrolled in school.

PA 93-858 Raises the compulsory school attendance age from 16 to 17 years of age.

PA 93-0909 Requires a school district to submit a teacher applicant’s fingerprints to the State Police when requesting a background check.

PA 93-0910 Requires school districts to have a policy on medical emergencies, to have an automated external defibrillator in each indoor physical fitness facility, and to have a trained AED user in each facility during school-sponsored activities. (estimated first year cost $10-12 million)

PA 93-0946 Requires school districts to receive proof of a dental exam from students entering kindergarten, second, and sixth grades.

PA 93-0966 Requires school districts to provide information related to student obesity to the Department of Public Health.

PA 94-0014 Requires school districts to provide steroid abuse prevention education to students who participate in interscholastic athletic programs.

PA 94-0028 Requires public bodies that have a website that is maintained by full-time staff to post on its website the agenda of any regular meetings and a notice of the schedule of regular meetings.

PA 94-0151 Requires school districts to meet specific criteria if offering gifted education.

PA 94-0219 Requires school districts or regional superintendent of schools to perform a check of the Statewide Sex Offender Database for each applicant for employment with the school district.

PA 94-0285 Requires school districts to provide instruction on the slave trade.

PA 94-0346 Requires school districts to use 2% bio-diesel fuel in their buses.

PA 94-0410 Requires school districts to meet specific criteria if offering gifted education.

PA 94-0478 Requires school districts to provide instruction on genocide.

PA 94-0600 Requires school districts to complete an additional fire drill each year and requires that at least one of these include participation by the local fire department. It also requires school districts to invite all emergency response units to a yearly meeting in order to evaluate the school’s emergency response plans and to file a report stating the results of the evaluation.

PA 94-0676 Requires school districts to increase the high school graduation requirements for science, math, and English.

PA 94-0714 Requires school districts to file as an attachment to its annual budget a report indicating for the prior year the name of the vendor, the product or service provided, and the actual net revenue and non-monetary remuneration from each of the contracts or agreements. It also requires the report to indicate for what purpose the revenue was used and how and to whom the non-monetary remuneration was distributed.

PA 94-0792 Requires school districts to permit the self-administration of medication by a pupil with allergies by the use of an epinephrine auto-injector.

PA 94-0845 Requires school districts to prohibit a school bus from idling its engine for more than 10 minutes within any 60 minute period in certain counties.

PA 94-0881 Requires newly elected school board members to take an oath of office.

PA 94-0916 Requires the clerk or secretary of the school board to furnish quarterly reports to the Regional Superintendent and the Secretary of State that includes the names of pupils who withdraw from high school because of extraordinary circumstances. Also requires the school district to establish, in writing, a set of criteria for use by the superintendent in determining whether a pupil’s failure to attend school is the result of extraordinary circumstances, including but not limited to economic or medical necessity or family hardship.

PA 94-0929 Requires that, as a part of consumer education in high school, the instruction must include an understanding of the basic concepts of financial literacy.

PA 94-0945 Requires school districts, before hiring applicants for employment, to check the newly created Statewide Child Murder and Violent Offender Against Youth Database, in addition to the statewide sex offender data base.

PA 94-0994 Requires the principal or teacher of a public or private elementary or secondary school to notify the parents of children attending the school during school registration or during parent-teacher conferences that information about sex offenders is available to the public.

PA 94-1039 Requires school districts to establish a new principal mentoring program and principal evaluation plan.

PA 95-0058 Requires that school districts have the designated Integrated Pest Management person attend a training course.

PA 95-0084 Requires school districts to establish a green cleaning policy and to only purchase and use environmentally-sensitive cleaning products (if economically feasible).

PA 95-0148 Requires school districts that consolidate or reorganize to hire educational support personnel (ESP) based on the seniority of those ESPs previously working for the school districts involved in the consolidation.

PA 95-0155 Requires school districts to have a plan to offer a summer breakfast or lunch program for the duration of their summer school program in each school that has at least 50% of the students eligible for free or reduced-price lunch.

PA 95-0168 Requires the inclusion of the consequences of alcohol consumption and the operation of a motor vehicle in “safety education” instruction.

PA 95-0176 Requires that each school bus display at the rear of the bus a sign with the telephone number of the owner of the school bus and requires procedures for accepting and documenting phone calls to the number.

PA 95-0232 Requires school districts to adopt a policy before collecting biometric information (fingerprints, retina scans, etc) from students.

PA 95-0241 Requires school districts to give a 90 day written notice to educational support personnel (ESP) before being laid off because of a third party contract; requires a public hearing to discuss the proposal to contract with

a third party; and requires the school board to provide a cost comparison of using current ESPs versus entering into a third party contract.

PA 95-0260 Requires that each school district have a policy to ensure that the school bus driver is the last person leaving every school bus and that no passenger is left behind.

PA 95-0305 Requires that school districts hire a licensed person to inspect and test fire sprinkler systems and control equipment.

PA 95-0310 Requires school districts to provide in drivers’ education courses six hours of driving – in a car with an instructor – with no use of proficiency examinations for practice driving or driving simulators.

PA 95-0339 Requires school districts to include in classroom drivers’ education classes, instruction on distracted driving as a major traffic safety issue.

PA 95-0349 Requires school districts to create and maintain a policy on bullying. The policies must be filed with the State Board of Education, and must be updated every 2 years and re-filed.

PA 95-0396 Requires school districts to give written notice to educational support Personnel (ESP) when the employee’s work hours are reduced.

PA 95-0416 Requires school districts that apply for a school construction grant to receive certification for their project from a “green building” rating system.

PA 95-0558 Requires school districts to provide an in-service training program for employees conducted by persons with expertise in domestic and sexual violence and the needs of expectant and parenting youth at least once every 2 years.

PA 95-0712 Requires school districts to provide automated external defibrillators at all outside athletic facilities.

PA 95-0741 Requires school districts to have a procedure for recycling materials (if economically feasible) and to develop a comprehensive waste reduction plan.

PA 95-0756 Requires a driver of a school bus to open the service door and driver's window before crossing a railroad track or tracks.

PA 95-0763 Requires employers (including school districts) to grant unpaid leave to its employees who are civil air patrol members performing a mission.

PA 95-0764 Requires high schools to include sexual assault awareness in the comprehensive health education program.

PA 95-0863 Requires instruction in home-buying and mortgages in high school consumer education courses.

PA 95-0869 Requires instruction in schools regarding internet safety.

PA 95-0958 Requires employers (including school districts) to provide insurance coverage to students who have taken a leave from college courses because of an illness or injury and to continue coverage of all dependents up to age 26 (age 30 for veterans of the armed forces).

PA 95-0969 Requires teachers’ institutes to provide instruction regarding chronic student health conditions.

PA 95-0972 Requires employers (including school districts) to provide insurance coverage for marriage therapists.

PA 95-0973 Requires employers (including school districts) to provide insurance coverage for eating disorders.

PA 95-0978 Requires employers (including school districts) to provide insurance coverage for the shingles vaccine for persons over 60 years old.

PA 96-0073 Requires that State-funded construction projects meet all energy and environmental standards set by LEEDS.

PA 96-0084 Requires schools to hold a moment of silence if school is in session on Veteran’s Day.

PA 96-0099 Requires that schools present the Congressional Medal of Honor film to history classes in the 7th grade and in high school.

PA 96-0119 Requires school districts to enter into a memorandum of understanding with the local Head Start agency within three months of receiving a Pre-School For All Children grant.

PA 96-0128 Requires instruction on cancer in school and requires athletes to complete a pre-participation questionnaire regarding a family history of cancer.

PA 96-0132 Requires a random steroid drug testing program for athletes and requires coaches to receive training on steroid abuse prevention.

PA 96-0191 Requires instruction on people with disabilities and the disability rights movement.

PA 96-0266 Requires school districts to report annually the salary and benefits of all administrators and teachers.

PA 96-0281 Requires school districts to use 5% bio-diesel fuel in their buses.

PA 96-0349 Requires school districts to adopt and implement a policy regarding students with food allergies.

PA 96-0357 Requires school districts to grant 20 additional days of sick leave for any employee that serves as a trustee on the Board of Directors of the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund.

PA 96-0424 Requires school districts to adopt a policy to comply with the Lawn Care Products Application and Notice Act and the Structural Pest Control Act, and to designate a staff person to be responsible for compliance with the Acts.

PA 96-0434 Requires school districts to annually report, present at a board meeting, and post on the web, the salary and fringe benefits of all school administrators.

PA 96-0513 Requires that each unit of local government ensure that the U.S. flag flown at the building is manufactured in the U.S.

PA 96-0542 Requires school districts to designate a Freedom of Information Officer and requires the person to receive training on FOIA requirements.

PA 96-0629 Requires instruction on illegal deportation of Mexican-American U.S. citizens.

PA 96-0655 Requires a change in the message on the signs on the rear of school buses.

PA 96-0657 Requires access to schools and classrooms for “expert witnesses” for children with an IEP.