Eighth Grade

  • Eighth grade AIM students will spend the first quarter learning how to collaborate, persevere, use appropraite resources to solve peoblems and use flexible thinking. Activities and topics include Beanie Baby Bungee Jumping, CSI Algebra, and independent projects.

    UPDATE 8/29/17
    Beanie Baby Bungee Jumping provided students with an opportunity to use their math skills to provide Beanies with a thrilling yet safe experience. Students used slope and line of best fit, as well as regression equations to predict how many rubber bands would be needed for Beanies to come as close to the ground as possible, without actually touching the ground, as they jumped from a height of 4 meters. Students gathered data and graphed results and used their findings to make predictions. All but one Beanie made it through her bungee experience unscathed. Our sincere apologies to the Beanie who did not.
    Update 9/5/17
    Students used algebra to decode cryptic clues and identify the correct suspect, to prevent him from achieving world domination. Studetns worked on using online resources to find refreshers or tutorials on math concepts with which they needed help. Patience and perseverance were key!